Important – Terms and Conditions of Business
    • A solid level base must be provided by the customer before erection can be carried out. If an adequate base has not been prepared upon arrival, the building will be left tidily stored, but unassembled, at the customers premises. A £50.00 revisit charge will have to be paid, in advance, if our fitters are to return and complete assembly.
    • The Company reserves the right to make such changes to the design and materials used as it feels fit in line with its policy of continued development. No prior notice will be given.
    • Deposits are not refundable on sheds cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date.
    • Fair and reasonable access must be provided to the intended site. If a building is to be taken through a property or through a neighbour’s propert#y or garden, the Company accepts no responsibility for any damage caused. In addition where access is impossible or dangerous to our  staff the building will be left tidily stored, but unassembled, for the customer to arrange erection. If our fitters are to return and complete assembly a £50.00 revisit charge will have to be paid.
    • Delivery dates are quoted as accurately as possible but circumstances beyond our control may result in the date of delivery being changed. Delivery dates/times cannot be guaranteed.
    • In the event of any claim, the Sellers liability will in no circumstances exceed the cost of the defective piece(s). Liability does not cover any damage caused by storms, high winds or adverse weather conditions. Ensure your building is covered by your household policy. All buildings are built to the same high standards as the show models. On sites which are in an exposed position we would advertise customers to carry out any extra work that may be required to ensured stability and safety.
    • All goods remain property of the Company until payment has been made in ful

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